Broken Garage Door Springs

Did your garage door springs break?

R&Q Over Head Doors has got you covered! Garage doors are used extremely often as an exit and entry point in homes, sometimes even more often than the front door! However, it’s natural not to put much thought into its importance when you’ve got so many other things to think about.

If you find yourself unable to open your garage door while getting late to work, it might be because of a broken spring. The average homeowner doesn’t know much about how garage door springs operate, how they break, or how to fix them—that’s why you’ve got us!

At R&Q Over Head Doors, our trained professionals have all the right tools and products to fix your garage door problems. It’s best not to tackle these issues by yourself, especially if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the mechanics behind a broken spring.

What is a garage door spring?

A garage door spring is the major component of your garage door that helps keep its weight up when it’s open. High-quality spring can easily hold around 300 lbs. to help you lift your garage door during emergencies or power outages. It also provides an even weight distribution throughout the door and keeps its movement more balanced when it’s open.

Different types of garage door springs

Most homes have either an extension spring system or a torsion spring system installed in their garage doors.

  • Extension springs contract and extends with the help of pulleys and cables when the door is being opened or closed
  • Torsion spring systems consist of 1-2 large springs that hold cable drums on both ends. It’s usually located on a bar above your door.

Torsion springs are a lot more common in modern homes, and we recommend you get your extension springs replaced for better support.

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