Custom Garage Doors

Did your garage door springs break?

R&Q Over Head Doors has got you covered! Garage doors are used extremely often as an exit and entry point in homes, sometimes even more often than the front door! However, it’s natural not to put much thought into its importance when you’ve got so many other things to think about.

If you find yourself unable to open your garage door while getting late to work, it might be because of a broken spring. The average homeowner doesn’t know much about how garage door springs operate, how they break, or how to fix them—that’s why you’ve got us!

At R&Q Over Head Doors, our trained professionals have all the right tools and products to fix your garage door problems. It’s best not to tackle these issues by yourself, especially if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the mechanics behind a broken spring.

Custom Wooden Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are incredibly beautiful, durable, and very high-end. They’re the perfect fix for boosting curb appeal and getting more customized touches, developing designs that complement your home’s exteriors.

Custom Faux Wood Door

If you’re on a budget or want a more cost-effective alternative to using real wood for your garage doors. They’re easy to customize and detail, and you can choose from a wide variety of finishes and designs.

Custom Steel Garage Door

Steel garage doors are some of the most reliable, secure, and strongest types of custom garage doors. You can shop from one of the many brands we have in stock, and get details and finishings customized to your liking.

Custom Aluminum Garage Door

Aluminum garage doors are incredibly durable and perfect for withstanding difficult weather conditions and exposure, including rain and sunlight. They look very sleek and modern, without weighing a ton, and can be customized to your preferences.

Copper Garage Door

Copper garage doors are one of those long-term investments that only get better with age and time. They’re highly durable and resistant to wear, getting better as they age and oxidize.

Glass Garage Door

If you’re interested in something totally unique and one-of-its-kind, there’s nothing quite like a glass garage door. We use high-quality glass that is durable, protective, and still maintains your privacy while giving your home a fantastic look!

The advantages of custom garage doors

Whether you’re on the hunt for a steel garage door or custom faux wood garage doors, you can reach out to our company, and we’ll design and deliver the perfect door to your home.  

Our team also finishes the installation process for your new garage door to ensure it is perfectly fitted to your entrance.

Custom doors are perfect because they:

  • Match your home’s architecture and design
  • Can be more durable with the right material
  • Boost curb appeal and property value
  • Can offer additional insulation and protection
  • Are safer and can have added features like photoelectric sensors
  • Can be customized to allow larger vehicles  like pickup trucks, recreational vehicles, and more, through

Why choose us?

We’re committed to helping our clients get the door of their dreams, and you can expect top-notch services when you hire us. We have expert craftsmen and engineers who offer same-day installation and evaluate the safety and protection offered by your door.

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