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Common Garage Door Safety Tips for Homeowners

Your garage door is a vital component in your home. Not only does it make up a significant portion of your house’s curb appeal, but it also offers safety to its residents. That’s why it’s important that you proactively check to ensure that the garage’s features are working properly.

You’d be surprised how many garage doors aren’t working optimally. This can jeopardize your home’s safety and also decrease the value of the property.

Here are some garage door safety tips for your home, such as ensuring proper maintenance and conducting garage door repair in Walnut Creek.

Inspect and Maintain The Operating System

Did you know that the average garage door opens and closes approximately 1,500 times a year?

While garage doors are built to be durable, opening and closing your door multiple times a day can cause wear and tear on its components. This is especially true if you don’t properly maintain its mechanical components.

Garage doors are heavy structures that consist of various metal components. Without proper maintenance, the operating system gets damaged. As a result, these doors become a safety hazard for you and your loved ones.

We recommend you conduct a periodic inspection to help prevent accidents from occurring. Here’s what we recommend:

Check the façade of your garage door for mold, dents, or gaps, as this helps you know if moisture is entering your garage.

Inspect if your door opens and shuts seamlessly. Call a professional if you hear any loud noises or if it’s opening or closing too slowly.

See if the door is balanced since it could put extra pressure on the automatic opener.

Check If the Moving Parts Are Working Optimally

The most effective thing you can do to prevent malfunction is to inspect the moving parts regularly.

We recommend that you regularly:

Check the rollers as well as brackets for any wear and tear. Your rollers might need to be replaced every few years— sooner if you use your garage door several times a day.

Inspect the cables on the garage’s bottom rollers as they are under more pressure.

Examine the cables for any broken strands or damage near the roller bracket.

Keep The Moving Parts Lubricated

Extensive garage door usage without regular lubrication is bound to cause wear and tear. It’s why we recommend that you spend a few minutes every year greasing up its components. Adding this to your regular door maintenance will help add years to its lifespan.

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