Common Mistakes to Avoid While Installing a New Garage Door

Whether you’re hiring a professional or installing a garage door yourself, there’s a lot that can go wrong. A garage door is a complicated system that’s made up of many integrated components. A flaw in just one component can result in frequent breakdowns and malfunctions that can possibly damage your property and cause injuries to those living in the house.

Here are some common installation problems that you should keep an eye out for to make sure that your garage door is installed perfectly.

Installing Springs Alone

Installing springs is one of the most complicated parts of garage door installation. The process poses security risks and improper installation can lead to serious operational problems. At least two people should assist in installing the springs and all the installation steps should be undertaken while taking safety precautions into account.

Loose Panels

Installing panels correctly, with adequate tightening, is necessary for the rails and hangers to function properly. Loose panels will lead to malfunctions and even complete breakdowns, causing damage to property. Rails and hangars are an integral part of the garage door mechanism that helps lift and close the door. Make sure these are thoroughly inspected throughout the installation process.

Using Nails Instead of Lag Screws

Nails may get the job done initially—by pulling the door together—but will fail after some time. Nails are simply not strong enough to withstand the pressure from the door. Constant pressure will cause nails to loosen and break over time, and the whole door may fall because of it. We advise that you use lag screws while installing the door and other pieces.

Misplacing the Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener needs to be installed in a spot that balances the whole door. This is only made possible when the opener is installed in the center. This way, the door won’t tilt when lifting up. Installing the opener at any position other than the center will put undue pressure on it and will cause it to break after some time.

Track System Imbalance

Track systems in the garage door help the door open and close smoothly without slamming. This system needs to be counter-balanced perfectly, or else, the extra impact will cause the whole structure of the door to weaken and crack.

Professional garage Door Installation Service

If you don’t have any experience, you should probably leave garage door installations to an experienced professional.

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