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Did Your Garage Door Cables Break? Here’s Why

Garage door cables are pretty sturdy, and they should not snap easily. However, if you have got a case of broken garage door cables, then there must be a reason for it. Your garage door cables could be straight-up faulty if they have not survived even a month of use. However, there could be other reasons why you got the broken garage door cables. 

It is best never to change the garage door cables by yourself; instead, call professional garage door repair services Danville. Below are some of the reasons why your garage door cables broke.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Cables Broke

Broken Pulleys

One of the many reasons for broken garage door cables is the broken or faulty pulley system on which the cable rotates. If your pulleys are damaged, they will consequently have an adverse effect on the cables too. The friction produced when the cable slides over the pulley could be more than the cable can sustain, so it will start to wither and erode after a while and finally snap.

Wear and Tear Situation

Wear and tear is the classic reason behind broken garage door cables. It may be due to overuse or may be due to the material of the cable. Wear and tear happens after a long time of use for a cable, and yes, the cables have an expiry date too. If you have not changed the cables in a very long time, then you must change them now. On the contrary, if the cable material is not of high quality, it will face more wear and tear and hence will have a short lifespan. Ask professionals to give you only the best material that is durable. Also, get your garage door inspected if you have not done it in a while.

Garage Door Springs

Another issue that directly affects cables is the decaying or snapping of springs in the garage door. The springs are responsible for providing tension in the cable, allowing the door to function. However, if it is faulty, all the other parts in the moving mechanism get the burn. Friction also affects them, and then they eventually break the cables’ fibers.

Track Misaligned

Metal rails that are out of alignment in garage door mechanisms are a common reason for broken cables. The doors are either out of alignment or distorted, making it difficult for them to close or open smoothly. A specialist for Pittsburg garage door repair can swiftly resolve a minor issue, but you might need to replace the rails if the issue is more serious.

Get Your Garage Door Cables Replaced At R&Q Overhead Doors!

These were some of the typical problems with broken garage door cables that you could encounter. If you require the greatest garage door repair available anywhere in California, think about turning to the experts at R&Q Overhead Doors.

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