Garage Door Materials Best Suited to Your Climate

The garage is an important asset for all homeowners. They offer an easy solution for entering your home—with the push of a button—and protect your garage from intruders and outside elements.

Because they’re long term assets, though, it’s important to be careful when getting one installed. There are a lot of things to should consider while purchasing one, but in our opinion, your biggest concern should be finding a door that’s climate-appropriate.

Whatever material you choose will be exposed to the weather constantly, so we have compiled a piece that talks about what materials go best with different climates.

Hotter Climates

Fiberglass and steel are great picks for hotter climates. Steel doors are quite commonly installed and are relatively less expensive. Some steel doors have the added option of installing window panels that allow light to enter the garage.

Fiberglass works brilliantly for hotter areas, since it doesn’t allow the inside of the garage to get too hot. Because both these materials offer insulation, you’ll be able to spend long periods of time working in the garage. Both sorts of materials offer numerous colors and styles to choose from, and will remain in good condition against heat.

Colder Climates

Severe cold temperatures can be seriously detrimental to your garage doors—you’ll have to be very cautious of the kind of materials you’re picking.

We find that steel doors offer a certain sturdiness which is able to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and especially cold. You may also choose to line the doors with polyurethane for added insulation.

Wetter Climates

If you’re located in an area that experiences heavy rainfall or snowfall (which melts in the spring) you’ll want to weatherize the door in a way that will protect your garage door from water damage.

The best way to combat excess moisture is by installing vinyl doors. These do not get worn out in damp conditions, unlike steel, which may catch rust, or wood, which may end up decaying.

Another material that’s well-suited to these conditions is glass. It does not rust, fade, or dent.

As we mentioned earlier, garage doors are a long term investment and it is important to make sure we get ones that are suited to our style, and more importantly, our area’s climate. If you’re looking into garage door services in Clayton, San Ramon or other places in the Bay Area, look no further.

At R & Q Over Head Doors, we put our years of experience in the industry to help you out. Our garage door services are not limited to this, but also include door repairs and tune-ups.

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