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Is Your Garage Door Making Strange Noises? Here’s What You Should Know

We know that a garage door is one of the most essential parts of any home. However, they are also one of the most overworked elements. According to Forbes, the average family uses their garage door at least a thousand times a year. This is a large number if you take into account all the heavy lifting and strain that the door has to bear to operate.

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Though old doors can make sounds, new ones are mostly very quiet. It’s why homeowners usually feel surprised when their typically silent door starts to make strange sounds. This is especially because these often signify something unusual with the door.

Here’s why your noisy garage door can lead to bigger problems.

Poor Installation

If you hear rattling or grinding sounds, this might mean that your door wasn’t properly installed. Often companies with inexperienced technicians do a poor job of installing garage doors. This can cause the components to loosen or weaken and wear out quickly causing noisy garage doors. These sounds usually indicate that chains and bolts are loose or weak.

Poor garage door installation can also lead to more severe issues, such as component damage. So, it’s better to call professional garage repair services if you hear such sounds.

Problems With the Springs

If there are thumping or banging noises coming from your garage door, it might indicate a problem with the springs. These are incredibly important components that bear the weight of the door. So, when these get damaged, they can even break or come crashing down.

When you hear a sound from the springs, check to see if they’re unwinding. We recommend being careful as these can break and bring the garage door down. If you hear a loud crash, this means that the springs have snapped. It’s imperative you stay away when this happens and call professional garage door repair services immediately.

Faulty Garage Door Openers

If you hear a squealing noise, chances are there might be a problem with the garage door opener instead of the door itself. These work with belt drives and chains to ensure optimal function. However, without proper maintenance, the screw drive might scrape against the rack, causing the belt to make sounds, and requiring repairs.  

Worn-Out Rollers

If you hear a screeching or vibrating sound, the rollers of the door might be worn out. When this happens, the door usually becomes unbalanced and makes sounds. It’s important you call a garage door repair company immediately to fix the noisy garage door.

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