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Prepping for 2020: New Year Garage Door Resolutions

So what New Year resolutions have you set for 2020?

Well, how about trying something different this time?

No, we aren’t talking about eating right and exercising more. We all vow to do that every year, don’t we? Rather, set up goals related to your garage door.

Garage doors do so much for us year round

They protect our homes from burglars, keep our vehicles nice and warm, and provide us privacy while we work on our next art piece in our inspirational workshop that we call our garage.

Garage doors deserve to be appreciated!

So what do you think? Find the idea interesting?

If yes, then check out these four garage door resolutions:

I’ll Maintain My Garage Door

Make garage door maintenance a habit. Lubricate door parts regularly. Inspect door hardware once a month to ensure there are no broken or worn out components. Wash the door every 6 months.

I’ll Repair My Garage Door on Time

Don’t sit on the repairs. If you find that your garage door is not working properly or a part has broken, fix the problem immediately. Delaying garage door repairs can lead to costlier problems down the line.

I’ll Always Hire a Professional for My Garage Door

Whether you’re dealing with a small fault or a big one, you should always call in a professional to get your garage door serviced. Many homeowners try to fix their garage doors on their own, even when they have no knowledge or experience it. DIY garage door repairs can be unsafe and risky, so avoid them.

I’ll Make My Garage Door More Secure

Given one in every ten break-ins happen through the garage door, garage door security should be your top priority. Start by installing security cameras at your garage door.

If your garage door has windows, consider adding blinds. Use motion detector lights on the outside of your garage door. Secure your garage door emergency release cord so that it’s safe from intruders.

And if you ever need help to stay strong on your New Year garage door resolutions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

At R & Q Over Head Doors, we work with homeowners in Clayton and surrounding areas to keep their garage doors running smoothly. From installations to maintenance to repairs, we take care of all your garage door needs.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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