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The Ultimate Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Garage doors are vital components of any home, whether it is to boost security or enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Although garage doors are durable and sturdy, they need regular maintenance to stay that way.

Most homeowners neglect garage door maintenance, which leads to more extensive repairs. It also leaves your home vulnerable and significantly impacts your home’s resale value. Therefore, you should keep up with regular maintenance and do an extensive maintenance routine every few months.

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This blog will serve as a garage door maintenance checklist. Keep reading to learn more.

1.     Inspect the Door for Signs of Damage

As the garage door is exposed to several external elements, it can get easily damaged. You should carefully examine the door for things such as rust, loose wires, or breakage. If you find an exposed wire, you should immediately replace it.

Moreover, as most garage doors operate automatically, you should check the system for any issues, so that it continues to function properly.

2.     Wash your Garage Door

Here’s how you can clean your garage doors. Focus these components:

  • Wash the tracks and hinges to get rid of grime and oil
  • Wash the surface
  • Look out for mold 
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3.     Check if the Door is Functioning Properly

Test your garage door to check if the door is opening and closing properly. This is to ensure it is not getting stuck or opening partially. Also, see if it is making any noises as it opens and closes.

4.     Cracks and Breaks

The door itself may get cracks or have dents. Therefore, it is a good idea to perform a visual inspection to see if there are any dents, cracks, or gaps, or if the color is fading.

5.     Apply Lubricant to the Door

Lubricating or oiling the door enhances its functionality. You should lubricate the following areas:

  • Hinges
  • Brackets
  • Tracks (vertical and horizontal)
  • Spring bar
  • Bearing plates

6.     Make Sure the Door is Balanced

Your garage door should be well-balanced for optimal functionality. You can check this in three ways:

  • Open the release handle
  • Lift your door manually
  • See if it stays open halfway

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