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Who Are You Gonna Call? Here Are Some Reasons to Contact a Garage Door Repair Service

Garage doors play a significant role in our homes. Not only do they make up most of our home’s façade, but we also use them more than we use our entryways. Quality doors provide convenience and even deter thieves and burglars from sneaking into our houses. That being said, most homeowners take these doors for granted.

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Garage doors operate more than 1500 times a year. They glide up and down smoothly until they malfunction and cause major inconvenience. When this happens, a lot of individuals don’t know what to do. You can tackle some issues on your own; but others are better left to the professionals.

In this blog post, we will discuss what problems warrant contacting professional garage door repair services.

Broken or Worn-Out Springs

Torsion springs are probably the most important component of a garage door. These are located at the top inner side of the door and connect to the cables that work to lift it up when operated by the opener. So, you can tell that they play a major role in the functionality of your garage door.

These springs also bear the tension that arises when the cables turn to lift the door. Without proper care or maintenance, these can wear out and even snap.

So, how can you tell when there is something wrong with the springs?

The first sign is that your door might be out of balance even if it’s working. It can also move slowly or crash down quickly when lifted a few inches. Another prominent sound is strange noises coming from the door while it operates. In case the spring breaks completely, the door won’t move. This is easy to identify because it will make a loud booming sound.

Whether your garage door springs are broken or worn out, it’s imperative you call professional garage door repair services immediately because this can be dangerous.

Garage Door Opener Issues

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the door but with the garage door opener instead. This is a motor device responsible for opening and closing the door. Though it’s normally a problem with the battery, there could also be an error with the transmitter.

In some cases, you might have to replace it completely. It’s better to let the professionals handle it to ensure your door works optimally.  

Panel Replacement

Though you should call professional garage door repair services when you encounter problems, it’s not the only time you might need them. As a matter of fact, it’s imperative you call them when you require panel replacement.

Garage doors are extremely heavy and can cause injury unless handled carefully. That’s why we recommend you call professional repair services with years of experience installing panels safely and efficiently.

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