3 Ways of Keeping Your Garage Door Well Maintained

A garage door is a significant investment; which is why it’s important to keep it in tip-top condition. While we understand that regular maintenance is hard when you have a busy lifestyle, it can save you from repair or replacement costs in the long-term. Not to mention that a door that performs poorly may affect your efficiency and punctuality when you’re leaving for work in the morning.

Ask yourself, isn’t it better to take a  few minutes every other week on upkeep than to waste time every day waiting for the door to open and hoping it doesn’t stop in its tracks? Or worse, having it fall on your car if a spring comes loose?

We’re pretty sure you’ll choose the first option, which is why we’ve put together a list to help you maintain your garage and keep an eye out for failing components that may need immediate repair.

Regular Inspection

Visually inspect the main components such as the door track, springs, safety sensor, etc. every time you get out of the car. You don’t need any special tools or instructions for this. Beware of warning signs like dents, scratches, and misalignment and if you discover issues with a component, perform a thorough examination.

Door Balance Testing

If your garage door often moves from its place, it might be off balance. For confirmation, pull the door cord and lift the door halfway. If it doesn’t hold at the set position, call a maintenance service to fix its balance. An off balance door not only wears out the door’s motor but can also cause an accident especially if the manual hold is engaged.

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Cleaning and Lubrication

Dirt and dust can build up on exposed components, affecting their function and structure. Similarly, any gunk that collects on the door can hide dents and scratches. Hose down your garage door or pressure wash it to get rid of collecting debris.

Doors creak or stop performing smoothly when they aren’t lubricated regularly. Make sure that you have the right lubricant at all times in case you face any corrosion or rust.

While you can fix the trivial problems by yourself, professional help is necessary if the job needs specific tools and particular skill set. Give us a quick call at 925-813-2413 and our expert team at R & Q Over Head Door will be at your location in no time, if you’re facing an emergency.

We also perform garage door replacements, installations, maintenance and general tune up services for residents based in San Ramon, Concord, Danville and neighboring CA areas.

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