What Happened to My Garage Door’s Springs?

Torsion springs play a crucial role in a garage door’s performance. Trivial problems relating to them—if left undealt with—can lead to breakages, leaving the door inoperable. A spring is the main component that helps a door roll up and down and if it’s not working anymore, your garage door won’t be able to move.

Reasons for Breakage

Torsion springs have a shelf life and even with proper care and maintenance, they eventually lose the ability to perform primal functions. A few other reasons that may render your garage door springs useless are:

Wear and Tear

Depending on how many times the door is opened and closed in a day, springs last between a few years or for as long as two decades. On average, a spring has 10,000 cycles. Every time the door is opened and closed, it completes one cycle.


Humidity and regular contact with water will cause corrosion to a spring, weakening its structural ability, ultimately leading to breakage. Maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication can get rid of the rust if the door is properly inspected and cared for every couple of months.

Faulty Springs

While this may not be your fault, keep an eye on the quality of materials and components when installing a new garage door. If you hire a contractor over the internet or without doing your research, you may end up getting scammed and paying for damaged installation. This will lead to spring breakages very fast.

Cutting Corners

Most people are either unaware of the fact that one torsion spring can perform the same function that two springs do. This, however, means that the one spring has to perform the double duty which can result in breakage way before it has completed its shelf life. Pay attention to the installation process and make sure that no components are missing—no matter how trivial the function they perform.

broken car in an obselette garage door

Finding a Solution

While you can keep an eye on the telltale signs may indicate a spring problem—and fix them yourself, with caution—a broken spring shouldn’t be handled at home. You need to immediately call a professional repair service that can properly install new springs efficiently.

The process is often dangerous as the springs are tightly wound. If you try to open them with excessive strength or release their pressure without the right tools, you can injure yourself. Call the local installation and repair service in your area, which would be R & Q Over Head Doors for residents of Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Concord and Clayton.

You can also call us at 925-813-2413 or send an email at [email protected] for detailed information.

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