4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

A malfunctioning garage door can give rise to significant problems and can be extremely frustrating. It can also present safety and security concerns, which makes it necessary to get the problem fixed without any delays.

If your garage door isn’t working, here are four possible reasons:

Malfunctioning photo-eye

Most garage doors have a photo eye installed that transmits an invisible beam to detect if there’s a person or object in the path of the garage door. If it gets damaged, it can render the garage door useless.

However, sometimes it simply accumulates dust which can be easily cleaned using a paper towel. So you can try to clean the dust or adjust the photo-eye of your garage door to solve the problem.

Off-Track Garage Door

It’s relatively common for a garage door to get misaligned and off-tracked. Make sure to inspect your garage door to check if there are any bumps or bend along the rollers. In order to get the door working again, the door must be realigned to the track and set to the correct position.

Adjusting the garage door isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not a piece of cake, so hiring a professional is recommended.

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Your Garage Door Torsion Springs Are Broken

If you hear a loud snapping noise—like a firecracker—it’s likely that your garage door torsion spring is the culprit. In such cases, refrain from opening your garage door as it can be extremely dangerous.

Moreover, you should never attempt to fix the torsion springs by yourself and call a professional garage door repair company to ensure efficient installation as well as your safety, which should be your number one priority.

Remote Issues

Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as a malfunctioning garage door remote. You should consider replacing the batteries of the remote. If it doesn’t work, the problem could be the antenna of the remote. In that case, you may need to get your remote reprogrammed. Finally, the problem could be with your transmitter. Hire a professional to get the remote checked and simply buy a new one if it’s faulty.

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