5 FAQs About Garage Doors: Answered

The garage door in your home not only allows you to conveniently enter it with the simple push of a button, but also increases the curb appeal of your house. Therefore, it’s important to keep it in an immaculate condition, or at least in a fine-tuned, working condition.

Let’s check out some common frequently asked questions about garage doors that arise in most people’s mind, particularly when it comes to installation and repairs:

FAQ#1: How much does it cost to replace a garage door?

Firstly, your garage door technician will try to salvage your existing door, but if its condition is beyond repair, then you’ll have to replace it. The price of a new garage door can range anywhere between $700 to $2,000, depending on the size, type, and quality. If you want to get two doors, you can expect to pay up to four grand.

FAQ#2: How much do garage door repairs cost?

Garage doors come in different types, qualities, and sizes, so the cost of repairs can greatly vary. Moreover, the competence of the service provider and the complexity of the repair work also influence total repair costs. If you’re looking for a ballpark figure, though, you can expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $600.

FAQ#3: Why is my garage door not opening?

There can be numerous reasons for your garage door malfunctioning and not opening. Some common causes include broken springs, loose cables, or maybe the door being separated from its metal track. Also, the door might also work due to an interruption in the power source. It’s better to call a professional rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

FAQ#4: Why is my door not closing?

If your garage door isn’t closing properly, faulty sensors might be to blame. Check your opening mechanism to ensure that the beam isn’t getting blocked due to some obstacle. It’s designed to provide safety from accidents, hence make sure you don’t end up damaging it. Again, calling a professional garage door technician is your best bet.

FAQ#5: How much do small garage door repairs cost?

The small repairs related to the garage door are not necessarily expensive. For instance, the repair work of door springs may cost under $200. Similarly, replacing the door cable will cost around $150. Replacing the wheels is even cheaper as you can get 10-packs below $20. The cost of other small repairs also costs under $200 to $300 at max.

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