5 Annual Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Owning a home with a garage door involves regular maintenance among other things. This is particularly so if you want to avoid the many potential garage door problems that could occur if you don’t!

We’ve been in the garage door industry for years and have offered garage door installation and repair services in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and other surrounding areas in California. We felt it would be nice if we could share some tips with our readers on how to look after their garage doors. Remember, if you want that door to serve you well, you need to do your bit!

Annual Garage Door Maintenance: Things You Should Do

There is a lot you can do when it comes to door maintenance however here are a few things you absolutely must do at least once or twice a year. How often a year you do this depends on need and of course, on how frequently you use your garage door.

Be Observant

Your garage door like any other mechanical technology among other things has a certain way it moves and sounds when it’s working right. Have you ever seen a washing machine go crazy and start rattling and shaking? That’s the time you know your machine needs a fix or to be replaced!

Garage doors are no different. You should take out some time at least once a year to run your garage door and observe the same. Is it opening and closing as it should. Is it making noises it should not? Pay attention to these things so that if something is amiss, you’ll know about it sooner than later.

Track Clearing

Garage door tracks can become caked with dirt as well as debris overtime. This of course causes hindrance in movement and increase wear and tear on your door parts. It helps to clean and clear your garage door tracks once or twice a year to make sure the same runs smooth.

If you find the door is off track, call for repair services and have it readjusted.


If there are parts of your garage door like hinges and rollers that require lubrication, do so. This is another task you can carry out on your own.

Testing Functions

It is also important to test all door functions including reverse functions and opener responsiveness. If you find fault in any of these areas, look into opener repair or replacement.

Calling In Professionals

If you want to save your time and energy, you can simply run an annual or bi-annual garage door inspection. Calling for a professional maintenance run is actually one of the recommended maintenance tips!

You can connect with professionals such as us and we will have a team sent over to perform the garage door maintenance tasks you require. If you keep with regular maintenance, you avoid heavy and lofty onetime costs. It’s more feasible on the whole!

That being said, if you just want to get a new garage door, you can do that too! Either way, all the best folks!

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