4 Ways to Ensure Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are probably the heaviest moveable objects in your home. From adding extra space to your home to providing cover your car, a garage can serve multiple purposes. Security and safety of such a critical—though often neglected—part of the home is vital for not only keeping intruders out, but also to keep the members of your family safe.

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) survey showed that nearly 15,000 accidents were caused by unsecured garages in the US. According to Burglary Statistics, nine percent of burglary incidents involved garages as the point of entry. In this way, secured garages serve a twofold purpose.

Safety Tips for Residents

The following tips will help you avoid any garage-related incidents.

Safety Sensor

Safety sensors allow the garage door to move in a clear direction. If an object is blocking it, the door will automatically stop or reverse to open in the other direction. Not only can car scratches be prevented with safety sensors, but if a person or child is standing in the way, they won’t get hurt either.

Force Settings

Garage doors have different force settings and any discrepancy in these values can cause accidents. Make sure that the settings aren’t set too high or too low. If you’re unable to figure out the settings, call a door repair service and let the professionals handle it.

Safety Tips for Home Invasion

An attached garage offers direct access to the inside of the house. With no security around the garage door, the chances of it getting burglarized are not only higher, but there also wouldn’t be any evidence for the local PD to follow up on.

Alarm System

A garage door alarm will minimize the risk of a burglar using it to enter the home. Burglars determine the weak points of a house and it’s your duty to ensure that the garage isn’t one of them.

Automatic Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are easier to access and outdated codes pose a huge security risk. If you leave your remote in the car or unfortunately lose it, a thief can easily access it. Keep your remote with you at all times and change the codes on a daily basis.

Keep your valuables and other important items in a safe place rather than just dumping them in the garage. If your garage has windows, keep them laminated so burglars can’t peek inside and choose you as a target after assessing the value of the materials inside.

Repairing a garage door, not up to the standard and safety guidelines should be a homeowner’s immediate priority. Based in Contra Costa County, we, at R & Q Over Head Door offer our services in Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Danville, Concord and Castro Valley. For any questions on garage door safety, maintenance, opener repairs or installation, you can get in touch with us via our website.

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