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Why Isn’t My Garage Door Working?

Garage doors are both essential by way of security and functionality however they also add value to your home or commercial space. If your garage door stops working it can become a major inconvenience for you.

Further, depending on the kind of malfunction you’re facing, the same could put you, others or your property at risk. Finally, if you’re looking to sell your property or flip a space, a dysfunctional garage door can be a massive put off for your buyer!

In any case, if your garage door isn’t working, you’re probably going to want to find out why!

Reasons your Garage Door May Not Be Working

As a company that offers garage door sale and services in Walnut Creek, Ca and cities around it including Concord and Pleasant Hill, we know a thing or two about garage door problems. Here are some reasons why that door might be acting up.

Photo-eye and Sensor Blockages

One common problem that can easily be fixed is photo-eye or sensor blockages. If there is dust or some other foreign object blocking your garage door sensor or receiver, chances are the thing won’t open. Check the sensor, clean it out and see if the door responds.

Disruptions in Power/Source Issues

Your garage door as you know runs on electricity and sometimes it can be simple disruptions or problems in your circuitry that are causing problems. Before proceeding to check anything else, make sure your garage door’s power source is connected and functional.

Spring and Cable Damage

If you hear snapping, cracking or loud banging sounds before your garage door stops working or responding, you’ve got spring problems. Broken springs are a major issue and unlike cleaning a sensor or double checking power sources are not something we recommend you do. The same can be said for damaged garage door cables.

Remember, cable damage in particular can result in physical harm if a heavy door slams down. You can connect with a professional garage door company like ours which offers garage door cable and spring replacement and repair services and have such a problem sorted out with ease.

Track Problems

Garage doors run on a track and can sometimes become derailed due to impact, improper installation or over a long period of time.

If your door is off track, it may stick, rattle or not respond. In any case, calling professional repair experts is recommended.

Winding Down

There are other reasons that garage doors may malfunction. Where one or two of those above are the sort we know you can manage yourself, there may be others that cannot be addressed without professional support. Rest assured, if you’re in one of the regions we cover and need our services, just give us a shout!

Alternatively, if you feel that old garage door has done it’s time; check out some of the new designs we have in stock. Have a good one folks!

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