How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Garage Door

A garage tells people a number of things about your home. From adding to the aesthetic of the exterior to making it appear bigger, garages can completely redefine a home’s outlook based on what color they are. Of course, the shape, size, material, and texture matter as well; but for a passerby or someone interested in buying your home, the color will immediately grab their attention.

The maintenance and furnishing of a garage are as important as the décor of the rest of the house.

If you’re confused about the right color for your garage door, we’ve put together a list of different options to help you choose the best one.

Matching the Home’s Exterior

Having the garage in the same paint color as the rest of the house will make the house look bigger, as the garage will be serving as an additional component. It may not be a head turner, but it will definitely give your house a wholesome feel.

suburban house

Matching the Neighborhood

Suburban residences are often symmetric and color coordinated, in which case, picking a color that is in line with other garage doors is your best option. We feel that synchronization can also make a better impact rather than standing out in such scenarios.

suburban residential street

Accented Colors

The roofs, borders, and outlines of the house are often colored differently from the primary paint color. You can pick the accent color, whatever it may be, and color the garage doors to match the accents to add vibrancy to the exterior.

suburban street with modern houses

Going Bold

A knockout choice for your garage door is going bold. A house painted in a neutral color could use a vibrant color that adds contrast, making it vivacious and cheerful. Colors have the ability to bring life to inert objects, so don’t be afraid to use richer tones or drawing away from popular choices.

With either of these options, you can also look at the texture, patterns and richness of the paint. If a plain garage door seems too boring for you, you can add lines or geometrical shapes. Pick a shiny finish to add a statement or matte if you prefer otherwise.

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