Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attempt A DIY Garage Door Repair Project

It’s tempting to try new things after learning about them from a friend or off the internet. While there are a number of reasons why a person would want to put their newfound knowledge to practical use without having the skill to do so—a huge opportunity to save costs, for one—not all DIY projects are doable or worth the consequences.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to save money on garage door repairs, let us enlighten you on why it’s a terrible idea and why you should get a proper repair and installation service.

Injury Risks

Garage doors are heavy. Carrying out any sort of repair without the prerequisite understanding and skill can end up costing you a few fingers or multiple minor injuries, at the very least. Data collected by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) indicates that nearly 15,000 incidents annually are caused by garage doors.

  • If you‘re trying to use DIY knowledge to fix a garage door opener, the chances of you falling off the stool or being unable to balance and lift its heavy weight are high, making you vulnerable to injury
  • Garage door spring repairis incredibly dangerous, as you can get hit with incredible force because of the high tension in the spring. Even without tension, springs repairs should be left to a professional.
  • Tracks allow the garage door to move while rollers let it get bent when moving. With damage to either, fixing it yourself isn’t a viable option, as they require specific tools. You might be furthering the damage, resulting in complete loss of functioning.

Cables play a vital role in lifting and lowering the garage door, while keeping it in place. Any problems with cables should immediately be repaired by calling garage door maintenance and repair service. Removing cables by yourself poses a huge risk of the door crashing down on you. Not only will the door be completely destroyed, but you will also sustain a terrible injury.

Malfunctioning Risks

If you’re trying a garage door repair on minor issues like fixing force settings or sensors, you might succeed but the chances are low. Garage doors are complex and need skilled eyes in case of damage. You can end up causing malfunction to other parts of components, which would not only NOT save the money but will cost you way more, when you DO call a local repair service.

No inspiration or cost-saving plan is worth getting an injury. If you’re worried about expenses, we offer our clients cost-effective and affordable options regarding all kinds of garage door repairs and installation, at R & Q Over Head Door.  Located in the bay area, you can call us for emergency services in Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Moraga, Walnut Creek and all neighboring cities.

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