Types of Garage Door Materials

A garage door is a vital part of the exterior facade of a house. Since a garage is usually built on the front side of the home, it creates the first impression on a visitor or interested buyer.

Choosing a garage door that doesn’t set you back financially and still offers maximum aesthetic and functional benefits can be tiring, especially if you don’t know what every material has to offer.

This blog will allow you to consider your options while discussing the pros and cons of every material used for garage doors.


Synonymous with strength, everyone is aware of the sturdy and durable structure that steel materials have. Steel doors made with double layers of galvanized steel can withstand dents, harsh winds, and heavy storms. However, if you’re living in an area that sees a lot of rain, the cons of steel will outweigh the pros, as steel can rust and corrode.

Corrosion will cost you repaints and repairs, so if you want to keep your garage door low maintenance, move on to the next options.


A bigger, wider door needs to be lightweight so it can operate smoothly, and aluminum doors offer exactly that. Of course, the problem with lightweight materials is that they can dent, but if you don’t have any heavy tools flying around the garage, aluminum might be the best option for you.

Aluminum doors come in different price tags depending on lamination or heavy duty panels, so you can choose the cheaper option if durability isn’t your main concern. Aluminum is also rust-proof, so that’s an added bonus.


Beauty, aesthetics, and authenticity are just a few things that wood doors offer. Steeper in price than other options, wooden doors can last for years, if properly cared for. Wooden doors are also resistant to indentations and can be customized in design, texture, and shapes easily.

Wood Composite

Lacking authenticity, wood composite doors offer the same level of resilience as wood but can lack in sophistication. If you’re looking for a high-end, luxury look for your garage door, we’d suggest wood over wood composite. Wood composite doors are cheaper than original wooden doors, though. So if budget is your primary concern, they may be a good choice.


Resistant to rust and dents, fiberglass shares a few qualities with aluminum; since it’s easy to craft and customize, it can be a great alternative to wooden doors. You must be thinking, “well this is it… this is the best choice.” Hold your horses, though, because for someone living in a rather unsecured area, fiberglass won’t be the preferred option as it’s easily breakable and doesn’t offer long-term durability.


Lacking in design and color options, vinyl doors are cheaper and sturdier. No dents, no risks of getting broken and easier to maintain, vinyl doors can offer a lot for someone looking for quality over beauty.

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